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We are a newly founded company related to international import and export specializing in oil, fuel and gas industry.

With access to major suppliers and manufacturers around the globe, we can find the product you are looking for.

This enables us to give customers the most flexibility and options when it comes to quality and price.

All of us at O.F.G   always strive to be the best supplier and partner. We will continue to offer innovative and quality products to our customers. If you need a quote or product information, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you!


Our ambition is the development of broad equipment and services in Oil-Fuel and gas Industry.

Our structure has a clear quality standard, its objective is to offer real solutions that anticipate any prospective growth.

Upcoming projects is what we are seeking in order to provide innovated products and services.

Our mission is to provide unmatched quality and service to all customers and to always be innovative and alert in the marketplace we serve.

The basic mission of O.F.G Tech & Trade is ensuring customer expectations are not only met but exceeded. We hold dear the value of mutual beneficial client and supplier relationships, ensuring successful and enduring partnerships.

All of us at O.F.G, always strive to be the best supplier and partner.

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Our Products


We provide an array of signage options ranging from printed signs to digital signage. We work closely with our customers to build signs to their exact specifications.
If you’re looking for signage to display your brand’s logo, we can take care of this. We have experience manufacturing logo signage for major brands.Using our high quality manufacturing services, you can be certain that the reputation of your brand will be preserved.

Portable Refueling Solutions

Fuel service station in container
Fuel station containerized, for the distribution of diesel and petrol, with tanks of variable capacity. Composed of an ISO container, divided into two main compartments, compartment for tanks and compartment for dispenser and housing for generator. Stations equipped for shipments by sea, 20 and 40’. Stations equipped for ground shipping, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 40’.

Fuel Monitoring

Benefit from a system that allows you to flexibly meet your most diverse requirements, while at the same time offering simplicity and a high safety standard (Zone 1/0 explosion protection).
Intelligent fill level monitoring of oil, waste oil, diesel, petrol and A1 fuel tanks, precise fill level measurement with pressure probe or capacitive sensor & robust housing for demanding conditions.

Fueling Systems

Fuel transfer pump features a rotary gear design and is made from durable and light weight cast aluminum. The 12-volt DC motor delivers gas station equivalent flow rates (up to 8 GPM) for gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene.
Ideal for on the go fueling for agricultural and automotive applications and is the pump of choice for refueling recreational vehicles. The EZ-8 comes with a manual unleaded nozzle, fuel hose, attached power cord and adjustable suction pipe.

General Purpose Spill Kit

Handy carry bag includes, directions for use, pvc gloves, dustpan & brush, large absorbent pads, 15 litre bag of organic absorbent material, absorbent snake, tough disposal bags.

Customized Project

Our company can provide value-added consulting and market operations services to the rapidly evolving energy industry .
Being proactive is much harder but it can potentially be far more rewarding. While verbally surveying and asking for feedback is somewhat effective , product customization comes into its own.
After-sales support helps ensure that a customer gets as much use and value as possible out of their purchase.

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